Who is The Reasale.art?

Resale.art is administered by gallery Art Mûr in Montreal.

What do we do?

This website specializes in secondary market online sales.


Online sales are booming and this platform gives you the opportunity to refresh your art collection by either selling artwork you own, or by acquiring new artwork from other collectors.

Who can submit an artwork?

All works listed on this website are from the secondary market, so we only accept submissions from collectors rather than directly from artists. Each submission will be considered for inclusion.

How much of a percentage of sales do you take?

We take 25% percentage of sales.

Who is responsible for the transportation of artworks?

In case of sale, the buyer will cover all costs relating to transport of the purchased artwork.

Where is the gallery located?

Art Mûr is located at 5826 St-Hubert, Montreal, QC, H2S 2L7